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Book Cover Design

A professionally designed book cover is a key factor in how a book will be perceived. To determine if a book will be a success depends not only on the marketing and promotions behind that book, but on the book cover and layout design, which is the most important advertising element in selling a book. An attractive book cover draws readers to pick up a book. The book cover and layout design must have a professional appearance, with an appealing and attractive book cover and layout design that is sure to attract readers to purchase the book.

Street Fiend is an excellent choice for book cover and layout designing. Colors, typography of artwork, graphics and planning and execution play an important role in the designing process. Our book layout design experts are true professionals, with the designing experience of more than a hundred books.

The creative team at Street Fiend can help you to create an eye-catching book cover and layout design using an effective title, clean graphics and interesting color combinations. For ten years, we have created book cover design and layouts for books, e-books, book marketing, and promotional materials for publishers and self publishing authors. We possess the experience and expertise to create a uniquely suited book cover and layout design that will capture your target market's attention.

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Typesetting (Interior Book Design)

Typesetting, interior design, or the laying out of text in an attractive fashion across the page, is an important aspect of publishing, and one in which whole libraries have been written.

Our clients include national bestselling authors to publishers to journals and small media publications. We have designed the interiors of journals, legal documentation, trade publications (books), and magazines that encompass a wide range of subject areas.

Street Fiend designs full length manuscripts, literary journals, publications, magazines, catalogs, newsletters, flyers, and other customized design layout. We will also insert internal artwork to fit client's specifications. Each project is different. Therefore, turnaround time may differ according to each project's specifications. However, normal turnaround for novels is 48 to 72 hours.

Our designer will work with the client to select fonts and create a design that will compliment the subject matter. Prior to beginning the interior layout process, your electronic file will be cleaned to remove all extra spaces, tabs, and breaks. Then it will be placed into the layout document and the designer will check each page for readability, removing any gaps, bad breaks, or other typographic errors that can ruin your book's appearance. The file will be sent to you as a PDF (Portable Document Format). We will send you a final PDF for approval, and will create a high-resolution file for your printer. If you wish, we will even e-mail or upload the file directly to your printer at no additional charge.

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Digital Formatting (eBook)

Digital Formatting and uploading provides digital reformatting of your book's content (book block and cover) for multiple digital devices on the market. Once your book has been digitally formatted, it can be downloaded to a digital device that allows the buyer to adjust the font size and more for readability.

Street Fiend will format and submit your ePub file for the Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble NookTM.  With this service, you can reach more customers than ever.

Note: Client must set up accounts with the above-mentioned ePub retailers in order for TWA Solutions to upload eBooks. Online retailers require personal and financial information that TWA Solutions is not, and does not want to be, privy to.

Also take note that:

Disclaimer: Press Ready Files (PDF), color books, or designed interior file sizes larger than 10 MB are ineligible for this service.

What You Need to Know

Our Digital Formatting and Uploading (eBook) service is available for black and white and color books with file sizes below 50 MB (20MB and below for Nook). All of TWA Solutions' self-publishing packages include Digital Formatting and Uploading. You can purchase this service by selecting one of the publishing packages that includes it, or you may purchase it a la carte. This service is not available as an add-on to other packages.